Judith Conroy

I had struggled for years with phone based broadband with relatively slow speeds (5Mb/s max 3Mb/s) compared to fibre broadband, so services like Netflix and iPlayer struggled. On top of this, the line was very unreliable because it ran on poles next to a busy road and cars were continually hitting the poles resulting in the line being down for weeks. I was concerned my broadband would be left behind as things moved on and being just around the cut-off point of 5Mb/s considered acceptable minimum, it would be one of the last lines to be upgraded which could have an impact on the value of the house.

When the PointLink flyer came through my door offering wireless broadband, this looked like the solution I had been hoping for. I checked their website and they offered a range of standard packages from 5Mbs link to a 20Mb/s with good upload speeds. I gave them a call, discussed what I wanted and they we able to customise the link to my requirements and provide a static IP. I was able to use my own router but they can provide a fully managed solution with a router, so the install can be very simple for the end user.

When I first called, the infrastructure in my area was yet to be installed but PointLink kept me updated with their progress. Once the infrastructure was in, an installation date was booked. Terry was the installer that turned up and he was very good. They could have put a new pole on the chimney but I was keen for them to use the existing TV aerial pole and Terry said that would be fine. I was also able to have the network cabling installed straight into my home office rather than being tied to the hall / living room where the BT socket is traditionally installed. This was great as I could move the router hardware and its associated wiring upstairs.

The install was really good and Terry spent a good amount of time getting the aerial alignment just right so the line would perform at its best. Speaking to Terry, I soon realised he was one of the partners of the company and you could see a real pride in what he was offering as a service. This is something you just do not see from the conventional broadband suppliers.

The link has been in for over 2 months now and it has been faultless. It is also bang on the speed I bought, none of this ‘up to’ rubbish - I purchased a 20Mb/s link and that is what I got. I also noted the technology used has plenty of capacity, so speeds greater than 20Mb/s are possible. I recently required a modification related to the configuration of my static IP and PointLink was straight onto this and got the setting changed for me.

So to summarise, I am a very happy customer of PointLink. I finally have good broadband and a great service that I would recommend anyone. I feel that what you pay is good value and when comparing to other broadband suppliers, you need to remember you do not need a land line and you are not tied in, as it is a monthly rolling contract. The speed you buy is what you get and the service is better than the traditional broadband suppliers. So check their website to see if they cover your area and if they don’t, give them a call anyway as they are keen to identify areas where broadband is poor that they can expand into.

Thanks PointLink and keep up the good work

A&A Lamb Ltd                                                                                                                                        

As the business has expanded we had suffered years of trouble with our broadband connection and were at the point of signing up for an expensive dedicated fibre lease line when Terry turned up in our yard, offering the services of Pointlink.


Following a quick and trouble free installation we have now been receiving their services for just over 4 months. In that time we have only had a couple of minor issues which Terry has responded to immediately, either remotely or attending our offices within the hour.


We cannot thank Terry and Pointlink enough for the difference it has made to our working day. No more re-booting the router numerous times a day, no more non receipt of emails because attachments are too large or the size of emails disabling both email and internet access. Now we have an excellent connection it has also improved our O2 reception in the area as a boost box provided by O2 operates without any problems now. We are also now able to look at an up to date VOIP telephone system for when ISDN is switched off in the not too distant future.


I have no hesitation in recommending Pointlink.


Kathy Hedley

Company Secretary

A&A Lamb Ltd