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Anyone who subscribes to our service within 1 month of their local access point becoming live, will enjoy FREE broadband installation worth up to £179!

 ( CPE unit and cabling )

We offer the below services:


5MB/s download x 1MB/s upload                                             £20/m

10MB/s download x 2MB/s upload                                           £25/m

20-30MB/s download x 5MB/s upload (area dependent)     £30/m


Regarding the router, you cannot use a standard BT router.  The router in question must support an Ethernet WAN port.  The router we provide is provided as a managed service.  This means we will be responsible for programming the router and its general management.  This helps us provide advanced support and fault diagnostics / resolution.


Should you wish, you may provide your own router, however, in this scenario we will only be responsible for fault diagnostics up to the Ethernet cable the router plugs into.  Additionally, if you require our engineers to install your router, we charge a one off £30 for this service.


 Additional Points

  •   We  have NO data limits on our service (subject to fair usage policy).

  •   Our contract is a 1 month rolling contract.  Should you wish to terminate, we require only 1 months written notice.

  •   We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

  •   Should we not deliver the service agreed within the first 30 days, you may request us to remove our equipment and       request a full refund.

  •   Our standard home SLA is 5days, typically we address faults within hours.

  •   All our support is based in local offices and provided by experienced engineers.

  •   All our services are monitored 24*7*365 and historical data is available to discover and resolve any issues.