How it all works

  • PointLink install fixed point to point airborne communications that are not dependent upon landlines or satellites.  We feed our network of access points with uncontended high speed broadband, this high speed broadband is then distributed over our network of broadcast masts.

  • On install day, our engineers will secure a small antenna to the roof of your property. Typically this is sited in the same location as the TV antenna as it mounts to the same type of pole, but alternative locations can be used. The antenna receives the broadband signal from the broadcast mast which is then fed down an external network cable into your property, where the power supply and broadband router will be installed.

  • All our support is based in local PointLInk offices and provided by experienced engineers.

  • All PointLink services are monitored 24/7, with historical data being readily available to discover and resolve any issues. We pride ourselves on a fast and reliable service.

  • We also specialise in community broadband projects, so give us a call and let PointLink build your community network.